Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bastian's Top Ten

If you know Bastian, you know that the B-man loves to eat.  He is a genuine lover of food, I can't exactly say he's a connoisseur, since he'll eat practically anything, but he is a good judge of excellent equine cuisine nonetheless.

Today he would like me to share with you his Top Ten Horse Treats.  Every pony hopes to wake up on Christmas AM to a stocking filled with carrots, apples, and other not quite as healthy treats.  Here are Bastians favorites...

  Super Stars from The Ginger Ridge Company:  Made with Anise and Orange oils, the different taste is one that horses love.  Plus, they are shaped into little stars, fit in Bastian's Nose-It horse ball and what could be better than feeding your super-star a super star horse treat?

Butterscotch Flavored Manna Pro Bite Size Horse Treats:  Yes, butterscotch.  Delicious and something different from the apple, carrot and peppermint flavored treats in existence.  These are for the frugal horse as you can get a 5 lb bag of them at TSC for about $5.99.  They last a long time and again, there size is perfect for fitting into Bastian's Nose-It.

Mrs. Pastures Horse Cookies:  Homemade goodness!  Bastian is a huge fan of these, they come in a variety of sizes and make great stocking stuffers...hint*hint....

Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Balls:  Not just a treat, but hours of entertainment for your molasses-possessed hungry pony.  Bastian took about 3 weeks to devour his, hung properly in his stall.  He definitely thinks this is a cold weather treat as in the summertime the molasses gets melty and makes an even bigger mess.  For three weeks, Bastian has had a chunky layer on his nose, neck and crest from interacting with his hanging ball.  I think I need to take my goo-gone to the barn to deal with it today, I'm not sure the Miracle Groom is going to work...

 Hard Candy: Particularly, the Tuti-Fruiti Mix from Daffin's Chocolates in Sharon, PA.  It is sold by the pound and he love when I bring him a bag of it to the barn, lots of different flavors and I'm not sure which one he likes best, but dude, when he hears that wrapper crinkle he is one happy pony! 

 Nicker Makers:  I found these while competing at Regionals this year.  They smell delicious and Bastian sucks them up pretty dern quick when I pull the bucket out.  They are a good molasse-ee treat that any horse is sure to love!

Stud Muffins: From the same people who make Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Balls.  Each treat comes individually wrapped for freshness, which is a little annoying, but Bastian enjoys the anticipatory crinkle of the wrapper before diving into his treat.  Slightly smaller than the Nicker Maker Treat.

 Carrots and Apples:  Yes, the natural stuff.  He loves loves loves carrots, especially the fancy ones with the greens still on.  His favorite apple flavor is the Golden Delicious. 

 Granola Bars:  Thank you Donna for introducing Bastian to this delightful treat!  The best part is that you can sneak a bite or two for yourself when you are super hungry at the barn.  Bastian is very lucky that his adopted sister, Gria, has a steady supply of granola bars at her stall.  He usually manages to snag a piece or two of granola bar when she is getting one.  He books it over to the front corner of his stall when he hears one being unwrapped.  These are the Nature Valley Granola bars for the record..... oats and honey.

And Bastian's number one, all time favorite horse treat is.....

 Paddock Cakes "Gimme S'mores" 

A marshmallow sandwiched between two yummy paddock cakes.  Paddock Cakes are probably the best quality horse treat Bastian has ever eaten.  They smell sooooooo good, I am always jealous when Bastian has these and so tempted to eat one. 

So keep this in mind as you holiday shop for your pony.  They will positively adore you if you buy them S'mores Paddock Cakes....

Bastian has been chillin' so far this month.  With the extra hours I've been getting at work, I haven't had the time to see him as often as I would like.  I think I've only ridden four or five times this month.  I am totally going out tonight and plan on riding tomorrow and Thursday as well before going to Erie for a few days, then I'll have a whole week to ride and visit with him :)

Kristin turned him out in the arena the other day with Gria while she was tearing down jumps and he apparently jumped over everything on his own like he was pro, he's giving me a pretty clear message: He wants to be an eventer or a hunter (or both).  

So I'm going to try really hard to get him on track to do some eventing this summer at some schooling shows or if things work out financially a recognized event.  I'm gonna aim for the schooling series at South Farm and Buckeye.  Close by and affordable.

Unfortunately, he needs to continue to feel my Dressage needs as well.  I've picked out three shows to attend this year (again, if financially feasible) and then Regionals in September.  Hopefully Bastian is up to the challenge of the Para-Equestrian Test for Grade III, I'm gonna start showing in those classes at shows so I can be ranked in my division.  There's a method to my madness..honest!