Saturday, August 18, 2012

Look out Second Level, Bastian is on the move!

Thank you. I don't think it would be right to start today's blog out any other way but with a thank you to everyone that is rallying to support me and Bastian. Let me say it once more:


I've gotten my entry ready for the USDF Region 2 Championships and am $50 away from getting the sponserships I need for a free stall. :) I am overwhelmed by so many people offering to help us out! So cool!

Secondly, I have got some major company sponserships in the works as well. I don't want to reveal any details other than that until the details are hashed out, but its making this entire venture real. And THANK YOU to the individuals that have been working on those. Bastian and I truly appreciate you support!

Currently we are getting ready for the MSEDA Dressage Show at the Kentucky Horse Park September 7-9. We're showing First Level on Saturday and doing our first ever Second Level test on Sunday. EEEKK! I am so excited, I'm finally moving beyond Training and First!

But wow, the move up to Second Level is crazy! Kristin has us working very hard and I am beginning to realize why so many people never advance past First Level. Training and First pose their own questions and difficulties, but its questions that are just confirming the basic training of the horse-go forward, accept the bridle and respond to leg. Now I've got to get Bastian more supple, rocked back onto his hocks, in an uphill frame and I personally have to sit all that crazy medium trot! LOL

My goal is to stay in the 60%s with my score, but I know its gonna be tough. I feel pretty good about our shoulder ins and super good about our 3 halts, the reinback and our free walk. Our canter-walks have potential if I keep it together, as do our mediums. The counter canter shouldn't be too bad....he's very confirmed there, I just need to be able to do counter canter in collected canter, that's the hitch, LOL. But the upswing is that our First Level Work is becoming amazing! That little canter loopy of counter canter, it ain't no thing! Lol

But I'm pretty excited anyway. Next year Bastian and I will be rocking the USDF Dover Second Level Medal Classes whilst chasing our Para-Equestrian goals. To flip back to that topic, I am going to be doing both custom saddle pads and I think Polo shirts (not entirely sure on the shirt aspect yet). Once I consult my design team I'll get order forms ready. I have some ideas for a slogan/logo, but am very open to suggestions so if you have any ideas message me or post them in the comments below ;)