Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Schedule

February was a short month, but I hadn't realized that I hadn't blogged since the end of January and now its March....

Its been a weird month weather-wise and unfortunately my work schedule has also been a bit non-cooperative, something that I hope changes this month. Something that will have to change this month. I've had Bastian in training with Tawny and he is getting much stronger and of course, much smarter. He's really such an amiable guy. His steadiness through the poll has increased exponentially and he's pushing off more strongly from the hind legs, not to mention that we've made some great progress (thanks again to Tawny) in our turn on the haunches. I'm anxious to get to a show and see how we score with all of our new skills ;) I had aspirations of going to the Chagrin Schooling Show today, but when I woke up to snow and sloppy roads, I was glad that I hadn't signed up and didn't have to go! The new plan is to start in April....

Which leads into my show schedule for the year....drumroll....


13th: Chagrin Valley Farms-Schooling


10th: Grand Haven Schooling Show

31st: BHP Hunter Show


7-8: WPDA/Grand Haven Recognized-2 Shows

21-22: LEC Dressage Derby Recognized- 2 Shows


6th: Grand Haven Schooling

19-20: NODA Recognized Show - 2 Days


9-10: WPDA Summer Sizzler Recognized

24: Grand Haven Schooling


7th BHP Hunter Pace

I have yet to find a Schooling event that fits into the schedule so I may have to forgo that this year and just stick with the odd hunter show (weather permitting!). With the crazy weather and my work schedule, I think my horse is a bit fitter than I am at the moment, he's getting more consistent work than I am!

Aside from hashing out my show schedule for the year I spent the day working on my art project: Ribbon Jars. I really like the idea and have wanted to try it for a while and so today I bought two "jars" and took care of Goldie's and Melvin's ribbons with fabulous results. Here they are:

This is Goldie's, the three other panels are completely open, I'm really happy with how it turned out!

And Melvin's:

I've got Bastian's ribbons sorted and ready to go, I just need to get jars for them, I'll be sure to post pictures when I get them done!

Finally, a Hastilow Competition Saddler will be in the area in March-contact them to set up an appointment whether you are looking to get a new saddle or just have your current saddle checked and reflocked, they are super knowledgeable and friendly to boot!

A brief update all in all, spring is almost here which means its almost show season! Bastian and I are really looking forward to this year and can't wait to show with Emily and her new horse, Padrick. While Emily was horse shopping, she was riding Bastian in lessons and they made a pretty good team.

Good Luck to both Emily and Norah at IEA Regionals next weekend!!!!