Monday, July 18, 2011

Barrel Racing

So, I think I need to buy a barrel horse and ride on the rodeo circut for a year. I say this everytime I come back from the rodeo, but seriously, if those girls would just take the time to learn to ride effeciently and control every part of their horse's bodies, damn would they be unbeatable.

I saw one horse that had the raw speed to be really really competitive, she was booking, but her turns lost her so much time, she could have had a 14 second run and instead it was 16 and some change. It was a little painful to watch.

So all I need to do is find a barrel prospect, apply some dressage training to get him or her using themselves properly and bam! I could go to the rodeo finals and win like a million dollars. I mean really, why am I drawn to the one discipline where there is NO MONEY. None, sometimes you don't even get pretty ribbons....and then you read the judges comments and you feel like crap. Ah, dressage, the love of my life and the bain of my existence....


  1. My barrel prospect could do dressage if I knew how...she has all the tools in place. :-) But I TOTALLY agree with you. Most people that ask me for pointers get told to take equitation lessons, lol.

  2. Exactly! I have to avoid using the "D-word" if I have a 4-Her ask me for tips or else they completely tune me out. I know that dressage is not everybody's cup'o tea, but understanding more about how to make your horse move correctly and whatnot should be everybody's cup o'tea. :)