Thursday, March 15, 2012

New(s) Bit

Beautiful weather. Gorgeous. My horse has been naked for two days now and greatly enjoying the mud spa that is his turnout paddcok.

Our jumping has continued to be super. We tackled a huge bogey fence late last week, he didn't even look at it. Not a peep. Here is the video:

Totally awesome. Then the other day we did a three stride line to an oxer and he was super good and we had some nice fluffy canter. We've been playing around with some bits and he really seems to be lovin' on the rubber snaffle at the moment. So his rubber eggbutt is in the mail on the way to me, the difference it makes is unbelievable and its a bit that I would have never really thought about.

We're headed to South Farm this saturday for their Schooling Jumper show. This will be Bastian and I's first time competing in jumpers, I'm worried that we won't be fast enough, but my main goal for the day is to get Bastian around a brand new set of fences. This is our first time going and so its all brand new to us. Goal A is to make it around the course, Goal B will be to do it with style, grace, and speed.

Thats all folks until Saturday night when I upload my hopefully triumphant show jumping rounds (did I mention we're only doing 2'? LOL)

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