Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh yes we did!

WOO-HOO! Guess what Bastian and I did today???

I jumped 2'9. Yup, I did it of my own free will (as in I wasn't in a lesson, although, granted, my instructor was present in the ring) and it was AWESOME. All I had to do was keep my leg on, my hands soft and my butt out of the saddle. Bastian took care of the rest. He felt so wonderful snapping up over that fence, one of the most amazing feelings in the world.

We even had a wonky jump and both Bastian and I handled it. We came around the corner and I aimed him towards the jump on the diagonal and he decided that the two horses standing along the wall were suddenly more interesting I swear he felt like his head was pointing dead right instead of looking at the fence in front of him. Somehow, I didn't panic, but I legged him on and got his attention back just as we got to our spot at the base of the fence, he pulled a little bit of an "oh crap where did that come from!" and launched over the jump, he landed forward, but not crazy. I totally dealt with a bad in and rode my horse over the fence.

We also did a tiny oxer and a skinny with a scary black pole on it. :o)

Its amazing to think that just three months ago we were struggling to get from one side of a cross rail to the other. Team Bastian has had some great support over the past few months, so thank you to those that have helped me stay focused and find the chutzpah to do what needed done.

The countdown to Winona is on! Starter division, prepared to be dominated!
Bastian is ready to go!

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