Sunday, June 3, 2012

Drifting Right.......

Well, I haven't seen my handsome boy for a full week now and I still have two more days before I finally make it out to the barn. The school year is almost over, my summer vacation is so close I can taste it. while I spent the past week pulling 12 hours days and stressing out over work and finances, I finally to do some fun horsey type things over the weekend. Everything is right on par. LOL

This past weekend, I was supposed to take B to Erie for their Combined Test, financially I wasn't able to make it happen, but I still went because Kristin was judging the dressage on Saturday and Sunday and I was planning on scribing for her. It was a blast, the weather was less then super and I have to say if you are going to a show where its cold and rainy, then being the judge's scribe, warm and toasty in the car, is the place to be.

The Doodle loved the breeze in Kristin's car on the ride home, she was sooooo happy!

Being a scribe was very educational. Sitting at C and seeing the test from the judge's perspective is so different. Once I got familiar with the tests I was able to snatch looks at pieces of everybody's rides to see what a 6, 7, or 5 might look like. If you have not ever volunteered and scribed, I highly recommend doing it. I have to admit that after nearly 8 hours of scribing on Saturday and another 8 hours on Sun, I was a little fried. There were a couple times I spaced out and Kristin was like, "Are you okay?" I of course said, yeah, I'm fine. To which she said, you haven't written down the last two scores..... and then I was putting comments where the scores went and scores in the comments sections. So I don't recommend doing that many hours of scribing, maybe 4? That way you still stay

On Saturday after we got done, we headed out to Presque Isle Downs for dinner and racing. I bet on a horse named "Lucky Dragon" in the 7th race, I figured it was fate. However he came in 6th. For a while he was in 2nd, but he faded in the backstretch. Oh well, all I lost was $2. Hopefully I'll be luckier next time! LOL

This coming week, aside from getting to finally ride B, we're headed to Grand Haven Stables for the recognized Dressage Show and I get to play Barn Manager/Head Groom :) I'm very excited aside from the fact that Bastian is staying home (again) I keep trying to show at the WPDA/Grand Haven June show, but it never seems to work out...hopefully next year??? But getting to Groom for everybody is fun and Grand Haven is quite a nice facility, I have no doubts that our crew is going to kick ass.

Then after Grand Haven its just one week until the LHPC HT. I'm offically doing BN! Buckeye was successful, so I should be okay :) Stadium is first so I figure if I have any major stadium problems I can pull out before XC, but I don't foresee any problems, I am going to keep my leg on and keep him forward. He will jump everything, he's a super star. We're gonna fit in a XC schooling day from the event too. I'm excited about it!

And just in case I doubt it, check out this awesome picture of us over our last fence at Winona:

I'm pretty sure Bastian can handle the additional 6" that make it

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