Monday, June 3, 2013

2T + B = CA

Today is (was) the day! Bastian is headed west with T-Squared (my dad and my brother have the same name and it was suggested that I refer to them as T-Squared. I think its funny…) Anyway, up at 4:30 AM then off to the barn to do one more poultice, put him in his fluffy travelling halter and load him on the trailer. I think he’s going to enjoy traveling loose in his spacious box stall ;)

I’m glad he is the only horse going, since there is pretty much no way we could have fit more stuff on the trailer. I’ve got 24 bales of hay (did I mention the outrageous price of hay in CA??? ($25 a bale…sheesh!) 20 bags of shavings, my tack trunk, saddle, buckets, vet kit, grain, fans, my personal luggage, a mounting block, two coolers, lots of food and drink and of course, the B-Monster. It took me about 5 hours to pack and prep the trailer all said and done. I remembered how much I disliked doing hay when I was still able bodied enough to chuck 100 or more bales a day. Here is the section of the trailer (I really should say Rig-its beyond just a trailer) stacked with hay:

I also sent 3 pages worth of instructions with him. I’ve never not traveled with him so I’m totally freaking out here, but I also know that T-Squared will take care of him, I mean I wouldn’t send him if I didn’t have a good feeling about this overall. I know that I have over-packed, but I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it and it can always travel back with us.

A last minute addition to Team Bastian is one of the most spectacular young ladies I have ever known: Samantha “Diego”. When I got her text a week ago saying she could go with me I was ecstatic! I booked her flight before she could change her mind (not that she would…). Samantha is such a steady-eddy and I will need much steady-eddying during the week. She will keep me level headed and on the right track as well as providing excellent grooming services. Making all this happen requires a phenomenal support team and I am lucky to have such awesome people helping me out.

Bastian has been great these past few weeks and we’ve had some great lessons with Tawny Williamson. As long as I keep my core engaged and keep myself focused I think that we’ll do just fine. I’m hoping that I get to hob-knob with some big-time celebrities. (both horse and Hollywood-I know I’m like a ga-zillion miles from the actual Hollywood, but I am going to be in CA!) I’m sad that Bodega Bay is like 3 ½ hours from Rancho Murieta. I, being the geek that I am, wanted to go and get my picture take there since I teach the short story “The Birds” to my 9th graders and then we watch the Hitchcock Movie, which was filmed there. Oh well, I’m looking forward to lounging by the pool when not doing Bastian things and I have a list of novels to work on. Best vacation I’ll have been on in a long time!

I spent most of Saturday at the Erie Hunt and Saddle Club scribing for Kristin Stein. It was great to be reminded of the judge’s perspective and just how much they DO see. Either way, it was a blast and highly educational. Good luck to everyone showing at the WPDA/Grand Haven Show this coming weekend, I’m bummed that (yet again!) I’m missing out on this show. Next year maybe I’ll finally get to show. Special good luck to one very adorable Chloe and Angel as they make their Training Level debut; Bastian sends his best to Shannon and Leo as they make their First Level debut; and fingers, legs, eyes, and toes crossed for Tawny and Gem who have missed out on the past two show seasons-get out there and kick some butt ladies!

My plane leaves at 5:15 on Friday and I arrive at the Sacramento Airport at 8:30ish their time. Until then, I’ll be freaking out and doing lots of ab/core work to make up for not riding for four days….

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