Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rodeo Bronc or Loveable Dragon, you decide!

Well, Bastian has been back to work for almost three weeks now, I on the other hand have only been really back to work for about four days.  Believe you me, this will teach me to brag about how awesomely calm my horse is.  We were hacking around quite nicely last Tuesday, Bastian was a little full of himself, but nothing too bad and he was tired.  I asked for a canter, which he picked up and we were going well until he started to slow down and was about to break to a trot, I sat to push him forward and he scooted.  So I sat up/back more because that is my emergency response and Bastian said "No mom!" bucked pretty darn hard and I came off. 

Long story short, I went to the ER to get checked out, nothing serious, just bruising and muscle pulling.  But boy did it hurt.  I was a bit nervous because I didn't know what had caused Bastian to turn into a rodeo bronc.  Kristin rode him the next day for me and he started to do the same thing to her when she sat at the canter, but she had a better reaction than me, get up off his back and kick him on.  She did the rest of the canter in half-seat and he was perfect, the good old reliable Bastian we know and love.  He was extremely back sore, and bucking my fat butt into oblivion was his not so subtle way of saying "OW!" 

At least now I had a reason for his unusual behavior.  I had the chiropracter out last Thursday and Bastian was all sorts of out of whack.  When the chiro was done with him, Bastian was only half as reactive in his back as he had been.  This with a combination of having lost all of his muscling on his 10 week hiatus equals a sore back.  Poor Guy!  I've also added a thinline saddle pad to our equipment.  I think it will have great benefits for both him and me. 

So I officially started riding again on Monday.  I had a lesson Monday, Wednesday and today.  Part because I totally need lessons and part because I didn't feel comfortable riding without supervision, I'm very paranoid about accidently sitting too hard on his back until he feels 100% better.  Aside from being exhausted after my ride, I don't hurt so that is a good thing.  Bastian is struggling too, his fitness needs about another two weeks before we can really be back to a basic "normal."  But we'll get there. 

This Sunday I'm taking him to Grand Haven for the Dressage Schooling Show.  We are doing T2 and T4.  I don't expect a whole lot considered we're both so out of shape.  At this point is more of a just getting him out there kind of a show, which is something that we both need anyway.  I just hope the weather is better than last time! 

I'll be sure to update and post video of our tests after the show!

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