Monday, June 14, 2010

Back in the groove

Its been a while, but then there really hasn't been much to report until about a week ago.  But by that time things got so insanely busy, that I just haven't had the time to sit and think up a decent blog entry.  So here's the scoop:

After the frustration of the no-show vet, I finally got to take Bastian to Dr. Genovese, who is by far the coolest vet EVER.  I love him.  Seriously. ♥ Anyway, he was flexed, lunged, trotted, ultra-sounded, and x-rayed and the good Dr.  found nada.  Aside from a slight positive after flexing, he was sound.  His ultra-sound and x-ray were clean as a whistle, they didn't even show that there had been something and here was the evidence of healing.  I was told to start him back to work, bute him for a few days and see what happens. 

So far, so good.  He's been back to work for a full week now (with the exception of this past weekend because as much as I wanted to ride him, I was just too exhausted) and felt great.  And just to prove that I have the most awesome horse in the world:  He has now been on stall rest for 9 full weeks.  He has not batted an eyelash or gotten his tail in a twist about riding.  He hasn't even thought about being a bad boy.  Today I had to use my whip to encourage him to move out more.  How many 6 year old Thoroughbreds with only a year under saddle do you know that would be that steady and sweet?? 

He'll get to return to the world of turnout either tomorrow or Wednesday, which should make both him and his buddy RW happy.  As it turns out, we are going to a show that was not originally on my schedule and I'm really excited about it.  I just filled out my entry for the Mid-Ohio Dressage Classic I and II in Delaware, OH.  Since we're coming back from time off (both me and him) we are only doing Training Level and if we're lucky we can get our qualifying scores over the weekend.  If I can just get one I'll be happy.  That is the weekend of July 9-11, I can't wait!  In the meantime we are going to do the Grand Haven Schooling Show on June 27 to get a gauge on where we are and what we need to focus on. 

This past weekend was the WPDA and Dressage at Grand Haven recognized show, I wasn't able to take Bastian, but I went as a groom for my instructor.  She had four client horses going in two classes each every day.  She was the first ride at 8:00 AM and then went steady every hour until 4 or 5 PM,  I was the tacker-upper/lunger/untacker.  We really did basically just trade horses at the barn door a couple of times.  It was a blast.  I did a pretty good job and only messed up once when I tacked up the wrong pony.....we caught it just as Kristin got in the saddle, and I tried so hard to keep Good Pony and Bad Pony straight.  LOL  Next time I'll have it for sure. 

Everybody got a qualifying score or two, one of Kristin's client's horse got High Score Arab at the show, Kristin got the High Score Open Training Level award.  Despite some crazy weather, going from pouring down rain to incredibly humid it was a good time, I can't wait until the next one!  Although I think it will be a few more days until I am officially physically recovered, I was getting home at 9 every night, going to bed at 10:30 and getting up at 4 the next day. 

Lil' Magnus went to the show on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.  She was awesome and is going to make an incredible horse show dog.  Everyone loved her snuggly fluffer-nutter cuteness and she was excellent about having to stay in an empty stall when things got hectic, she barely barked or whined. 

This coming weekend I'm off to the Lost Hounds Pony Club event in Edinboro.  My friend Jess from NC is bringing up her awesome eventing pony Bug and going Intermediate.  I get to groom for her :)  Cindy, the owner of the barn where I board is bringing her awesome horse Banff and going Training, hopefully I get to groom for her too.  At the very least I'll be cheering everyone on!  Including my Erie locals :)

I'm looking forward to a lesson on Bastian on Thursday!  Its been so long, I love being back on my pony ♥

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