Thursday, November 11, 2010

Regionals Day Two......

Another long day, but in the end, it was worth it.  We were all tired.  Especially Mr. B.  By the time I got around to grooming him, he had more sawdust on his blanke and in his tail then he did on the floor of his stall.  LOL.

Team Bauer rocked as usual.  Tawny and Gem took first in First Level 2 with a 75%.  Kristin and Zoe took third with a 68% in First Level 4, with a very explosive Zoe..... and Bastian and I took a third as well in our Training 4 class with a score of 68%.  First and second were tied with a 70.433 so I wasn't that far off! 
I was very frustrated with my riding on a personal  level.  I feel disjointed and unprepared.  Bastian is going great, I just either over-do it and over ride or freeze up, I haven't quite struck my happy medium, so getting a nice score like a 68%  was a good confidence booster, but of course I want to do better.  We scored mostly 7s with two 6s on our test movements and my collectives were a mix of 6s and 7s. 

This was my first show using my new para-equestrian classification as well.  I can now legally velcro my feet into the stirrups, woot!  Tomorrow I'll just school and then bright and early on Saturday morning I'll ride in my Finals class.  I promise to keep my focus and relax.   I'll try to get my video loaded tomorrow of my tests.

Until then....... wish us luck...

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