Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We're here (Regionals Day One)

Its official, we are checked in and moved into Barn B at the Region One Championships. :)

We rolled out of the barn at 6 AM this morning and arrived a mere 11 hours later in lovely, sunny Williamston, NC.  That 11 hours riding in Elvis was a blast, despite the fact that I stole some lovely cat naps throughout the day, but hey I was working on just 3 and 1/2 hours of sleep from the night before.  I need to make this quick so I can get some much needed sleep tonight....

Bastian got to travel in style in a four horse slant load trailer.  Look how stinkin' cute he is in his fuzzy halter!!  I have been saving that halter for nearly two years now, this was first time I could actually justify using it.  And it was worth it, this was Bastian's biggest trip yet.  He seems to have traveled fine and settled right into his stall as usual.  He was mostly upset because half-way here he ran out of hay to eat.  But lots of yummy hay and a fluffy stall quickly sorted all that out. 

We got moved into our stalls and tack room and then headed out to find our hotel and get some grub for ourselves.  While waiting for my chicken fingers to be served to me (that is my horse show meal, it is all I will probably eat for the remainder of the week), I dug through the show program to get the rest of my numbers:

There are 14 people in my Training Four Class tomorrow.  There are still 25 people in my Finals class on Saturday and there are 11 Thoroughbreds including Bastian here.  That means we have ten to beat for the Thoroughbred High Score Award, wish us luck!

I'm off to have some happy dreams.  More tomorrow!!

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