Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Keep Moving Forward

Its here, the inevitable New Years Post. So lets get some stuff out of the way:

1) I thought that 2010 was rough, 2011 was rougher, much rougher. 2012, you had better have your shit together because none of us can deal with anything worse than 2011. Done.

2)I'm gonna be a better person/lose weight/yada yada yada. (but this year for real.....)

Okay, now on to more important/fun stuff :)

I'm still begging for votes, winning the "coolest horse in the world" contest would make a huge difference to me please take a second and use this link to vote: Video title is "cooles" (fifth row, first video on left) Video picture will say "Bastian is the Coolest Horse in the World" I'm actually in first place right now....I'd like to stay there! :)

I'm enjoying my short little break from school, I'll be getting in lots of riding time :) Yay! I've got a lesson on Friday, and then hopefully two more next week followed by the Chagrin Valley Farm Hunter Schooling Show on Saturday the 7th, we're doing the 18" division again. We've been jumping 2'3"ish in lessons, but I still need some confidence at shows, so we're doing something I feel safe with.

I had an awesome lesson last Friday and today's lesson was just as productive and wonderful. We're jumping very consistently and I'm actually pushing to the fences. Its been great. Kristin's hopped on him at the end of both lessons so he could get in some jumps with someone who knows just what the hell they are doing. I'm excited for our show this weekend, I think he's going to be quite a good boy.

So 2012, we're going to Keep Moving Forward. Forward to the jumps, forward to our down transitions, forward into whatever you try to throw at us. Bastian and I are ready to take you on. ;)

Here's the plan for 2012:

Winona Horse Trials (starter division)

Stone Gate Farms Hunter Pace the next week

May-Daze at the Park (dressage and eventing! yay!)

EHSC Combined Test June 2/3 and/or Lucinda Greene Clinic at Stonegate

WPDA/Grand Haven Dressage Show

LHPC Horse Trials (BN)

South Farm Horse Trials (BN)

NODA Dressage

EHSC Horse Trials (BN)

And some more dressage shows thrown in there. Should be fun! Wish us luck and come cheer us on!

Happy New Year!! :)

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