Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Vote for Bastian!!!

Hello!!!! Okay, first order of business. Thank you to everyone who "liked" my photo in the Smartpak's Worst Dressed Rider Contest. This was my fabulous outfit:
We came in third and I scored a pair of Sit Tight Supremes in Tan. I'm super excited. Kerrits Sit Tights are pretty much my breech of choice :) Woo-hoo! Second Order of business. I found another contest, this one is way more important and I need serious help for this one. Its a contest for "The Worlds Coolest Horse" I uploaded this video to The first entry to 5000 votes wins. The prize you ask? $5000. Yup, that would really go a long way with me getting my financial situation sorted out, that is two major bills that I could pay off. You can vote once daily, voting ends when someone hits 5000 votes or on December 31st. I cannot beseech you enough to please please please please vote for me!!! Here is a link directly to the contest page: Our video is the first one in the sixth row, click on it and it will appear at the top of the page, then just hit the "vote" button. You can vote once every 24 hours. Please please please vote. Third order of Business: Bastian is wearing four shiny new shoes and was an absolute peach jumping today. He's been a peach for the past couple of weeks. His canter is really coming along and we're getting good at our "leading up to lead changes" exercises. Today we started off with a x-rail, he jumped it AWESOMWE so we made it a wee-tiny 2' verticle and he was still super-didn't look at it wonky once, so in a fit of enthuisiasm I put it up one more hole and made it a 2'3" verticle and he soared over it and was super good! I actually had to push him to the fences, he was coming in super quiet and soft so it was nice for me to have to think about pushing him forward, trying real hard to see my spots. I think I have trouble seeing my spots because I'm not a math person, I'm a writing person so I would prefer if we could just do creative jumping or something instead of having to visualize and try to figure out where our take off is and if I need to push him or pull him back a bit... but we're working on. So to review: 1) Thank you for helping me score some free breeches 2) Please please please vote for my video every day...encourage your friends and family members to vote too! 3) My horse jumped 2'3" today beautifully and by my own free choice (I wasn't even in a lesson....) Thanks all!

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