Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly....

Just a quick update.

This week kinda sucked. In fact, it sucked a lot. I ended up being stomach sick on Monday so I didn't go to the barn (this is in addition to being cold-sick), Tuesday and Wednesday I went but our rides were down-right embarrassing. On Tuesday, Bastian and I were like water and oil. I was seconds behind on every give, every transition, on everything basically. I had put out some poles to work on cantering over and potentially get a lead change and we couldn't even canter over them. On top of that, I was super dehyrated and my legs kept cramping. The only thing I could do was to get off and stand there waiting until they stopped. :( Wednesday was marginally better. Thursday I was sick again.

Finally, on Friday, we got our Mojo back, thank goodness. My helper-monkey, Julia, had ridden him already in the afternoon, so I only ended up riding for about 20 minutes, but they were an intense 20 minutes! I just pretended we were at an event and he had already done the dressage phase without It went great, he was in front of my leg, I was up off his back and we were hitting out spots! WOOT! Then we did our 5 minute "gallop" in two-point, which killed my legs! But he was rarin' to go. Eventing is going to suit him. :P My legs are still like jelly when I come down out of two point, we trotted for about 3 minutes after our gallop and the first five strides of that trot I couldn't get my legs to cooperate and I looked like a beginner just figuring out the trot, it was funny.

This morning, I rode with Cindy, the best jumping partner in the world!! We did a bounce to a one stride and Bastian rocked it. We ended with the last fence at 2'6" and it felt so amazing, we hit our spot everytime, we were forward, I had my leg on, Bastian just did his job and never batted an eyelash. I can't say enough good things about today. Then, I trotted him on a long rein to do my 2 point today (trying not to gallop him two days in a row) and Holy. Trot. Batman. Like wow. It was a solid 8 trot. He was swinging through his back and so quiet through his poll. It was such an awesome way to end our ride.

Dressage tomorrow, then jumping lesson on Tuesday, I can't wait!!!

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