Thursday, February 9, 2012

If you are a fan of Bastion, please go vote!

This is nothing more than a shameless plug for votes.

Winning the "coolest horse in the world" contest would make a huge difference to me, there is $5000 on the line, that is a huge chunk of debt that would make my life so much better to be without. So if you haven't yet headed over there, please do so. Here is the link:

You can log in via facebook. Share the link on your page and have other people vote too, I'm not above begging here. Think of it as sponsoring a hard working rider without having to actually put out any money! Just five days of quick voting and your done.

More substantial blog updates will come this weekend-I had a great lesson on Wednesday where I learned A LOT and I am riding in a mini-clinic on Sunday. Til' then, VOTE!! (please)

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