Thursday, May 13, 2010

And the answer is......

Finally the vet was able to make it tonight, although he was nearly 3 hours ahead of schedule this time.  By the time I made it to the barn, he had already begun his examination.  Which although I realize he had to get started, I was sad about because I like to be there for everything, I'm not always so good about simply hearing information, I want to see it.  Show me the problem, let me feel the muscle/bone/cut/problem. 

Anyway, he looked marginally better on the lunge, but was still off in the right front.  The vet gives me two options:
  • Option A: Give him some more time and see what happens since he seems to be getting better.
  • Option B:  Start Blocking the foot and leg and see what we come up with.
I choose Option B.  We've had a bit of an issue with on again/off again lameness in the front feet, I'd like to know if there is an underlying condition.  So let the blocking begin!

Block 1: The heel and parts of the hoof.  Lunge, no change.
Block 2: The coffin joint.  Lunge, no change. 
Block 3:The fetlock.  Lunge, teensy change for the better.   
Block 4: Behind the knee.  Lunges sound. ☺

So we had to slowly work our way up.  The vet suspects it is the either a suspensory or check ligament injury.  He does not suspect that it is overly bad considering the lack of outward signs along with the fact that Bastian has been improving, albeit slowly. 

He will be returning on Monday to perform an ultra sound on the leg to hopefully confirm this.  It would be nice if this is all that it is, stall rest and time will clear this up, even though it means once again missing out on a show season.  It just wasn't meant to be this year I guess. 

This was my first dealing with a vet at my new barn and overall I liked him.  It is my understanding he works with a lot of racehorses/trotters/pacers, so I expect him to know his way around a lameness, which I think he showed quite well tonight. 

Those that know me know that I like to be right in the thick of the blood and pus when it comes to vet stuff and either my horse or other people's horses.  So although initially I don't think he was sure about me when I told him I like to be told everything that is going on and get explanations, I felt like by the end we were developing a good working relationship.   I know my antomy, I know my basics about muscles, bones, and whatnot so I think the fact that I didn't ask those kinds of questions made a big difference.

Overall I liked him.  So Bastian is on indefinite stall rest, right now he is wrapped up.  The blue vet wrap leg is the vet's leg and the white puffy wrap is my leg.  I sprayed his vet wrap leg with Wrap Last as he has a thing about eating his wraps, he has already destroyed one set of no-bows.  My directions until Monday are to cold hose, hand walk and wrap.  Easy and cheap.  And I'm supposed to give him a gram of bute a day. 
Flowers, well wishes and monetary donations (hey, this was no cheap date! LOL) can be sent to Bastian care of me.  ☺

We'll just have to see what Monday brings........  

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